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200 HOUR



The Anahata Awakening Method 200 Hour Certification Program is designed for yoga teachers and students who want to learn how yoga can be used as a tool for deep emotional and physical healing.
2 Options in 2020:
In Idyllwild: 8 Day Intensive - from October 18th through October 25th.
Investment: $2,750 - Includes Certification Program and Accommodations.
In Encinitas: February 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 from 2:30 to 5:30pm and February 16 from 2:00 to 7:00pm
+ Practicum. Investment: $1,750

This Anahata Method is a unique heart awakening form of healing. Learn to use yoga postures to take students through a powerful self-healing process. Learn to provide a safe and nurturing environment creating the space necessary for each person to access their own healing. Learn how to facilitate this process from a center of calmness, peace, non-judgment, love, empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Benefits of this training include:

 Learn to use yoga as a tool for physical and emotional healing for yourself and others.

♥ How to awaken the body's innate wisdom through self-awareness.

♥ How to create modifications to accommodate for different needs.

♥ How to use dialog while students are in the postures.

♥ How to scan the body to find where emotions are stagnated, blocked or repressed.

♥ How to release and unblock those emotions.

The remainder of the 200 hour program will be completed as home study and practicum.


“The Anahata Awakening Method Yoga Training was an incredibly valuable experience for me. As a yoga teacher I learned to give private supportive yoga sessions during which I assist my client into yoga poses that allow her or him to release anything they are holding in their body. I learned a variety of yoga poses that incorporate props which allow the client to relax completely. The client’s body is then able to start communicating its wisdom. I also learned a beautiful supportive dialog to go along with the yoga postures. This dialog encourages the client to tune into their own innate wisdom and helps their healing and transformation to unfold. I am so glad to have taken this profound training. It made me a much better yoga teacher and healing facilitator.” Julia LaPlante RYT

“Ana, I am so grateful for the 12 week course with you and the other incredible angels I met. I felt supported and safe to explore my heart and heal unprocessed emotions. This course has changed my life and given me tools to access truth within me to better care for myself, my clients and close relationships. I feel stronger and more connected. I feel happier and more aware. Thank you for showing me what it’s like to create sacred space that is both nurturing and empowering. May all beings that want greater access to their hearts and bodies’ wisdom be guided to the Anahata Awakening Method! Forever grateful!” Natalie Rose – Yoga Teacher / Zero Balancing Facilitator

"This training course has changed my life!  Through the beautiful process of Anahata Awakening Method I have been given the tools to facilitate true healing for myself and others.  Ana taught and guided us with her profound knowledge of yoga, the body and our hearts wisdom. Her heart centered commitment to each of us created the space to open to our own healing.  Now, in a matter of minutes I can get to the root of any discomfort I'm feeling physically or emotionally and release it, for which I am so grateful.  I am also honored to facilitate others to do the same. From the bottom of my heart Ana, thank you!!!  You are a true angel in my life." Gina Johnson - Anahata Yoga Teacher

"Anahata Awakening Method Training is one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. In these 12 weeks I explored an amazing transformation and healing in my life. It was a deep journey. I had a very gentle and joyful way of releasing emotional garbage with the support of Ana and the group. It is very delicious to be a receiver as well as to be a facilitator during the training, because you also learn to become an empty vessel and practice surrendering to the divine energy while you are facilitating. Being a facilitator helped me to deepen my meditation practice as well. I am very excited to help others through this simple yet profoundly effective tool. It was a blessing to be in this training. Thank you Ana." Berna Gazioglu

"Anahata Awakening allowed me to connect deeper my own wisdom and intuition. It also allowed me to envelop a methodology to share with others how to deepen these connections. The pureness and simplicity holds an immeasurable power lending to openness, healing and clarity. I am grateful to have experienced and to have applied this knowledge. ~Angelique 

"I recently completed the classroom portion of one of the most profound, transformative, loving, supportive and nurturing yoga trainings on the planet: Anahata Awakening Method! These women have touched my soul and have made me a better human being. I cherish the time we spent together sharing, learning, supporting, encouraging and experiencing this life-changing method of deep healing. Thank you for creating such a loving and safe space! I can't wait to share it with others! 

Through postures with long, supported holdings, the purpose of the Anahata Yoga Awakening Method is to bring into awareness unprocessed and unresolved emotions stored in the body, mind, and heart, often hidden from our conscious, and manifesting as chronic aches and pains. 

I also incorporate Young Living essential oils to further deepen and enhance the experience. The combination of yoga & oils is pure magic!" Erika Chaker - Anahata Yoga Teacher


Please contact Ana if you are interested!

(760) 672-4660 or

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