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Anahata is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra. The word means unhurt, unbeaten, unstruck.

Anahata Yoga was designed to bring students to a higher level of awareness - to deeply connect, expand, and awaken their hearts: through asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation.


Anahata is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra.

The word means unhurt, unbeaten, unstruck


Opening the heart  

“When all the knots of the heart are broken, then the mortal becomes immortal.”

(Katha Upanishad 6.15)

Why Anahata Yoga was developed

Seventeen years ago when I was studying the teachings of my Guru Paramahansa Yogananda, I read “It is a slow but sure suicide to walk, sit, rest, talk, or lie down with a caved-in chest. The cells of the lungs become starved thereby, and maladjustments of the vertebrae often occur.”


Because of the strong impact this statement had on me, I decided that the focus of what I wanted to offer in my yoga classes and teacher trainings would be the opening of the heart center. As we open our heart center, we are simultaneously correcting bad posture, opening the chest, shoulders, and lungs, allowing the life force to flow into the body and, therefore, changing our defensive attitude into a courageous, open, “ready to face anything” attitude.

Yoga to open and awaken the heart

That inspired me to call that heart awakening practice Anahata Yoga, which is the Sanskrit word for heart chakra. It literally means

unbeaten, unhurt, unstruck, that is "a ready to face anything" attitude with an open and courageous heart.


A simple and safe practice for students of all levels, all ages, and all body conditions

I designed this style of yoga in 2001 after many years of practicing and teaching other styles. They were all very positive experiences, including my injuries, as they moved me into my own expression and teaching methodology. My Guru’s words inspired me to bring my personal approach into manifestation, as I intended to develop a yoga practice that would benefit people of all levels – especially those who say they can’t do yoga, they are not flexible enough, or feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and inappropriate to join a yoga class.

Gina Savasana.jpg

A loving and nurturing environment

I decided to choose from the huge amount of yoga postures generously offered by the great Rishis, those that are most simple, easy to move into, and adjustable – accommodating to every need. Students will go as deep as they feel comfortable; they will not be encouraged to adjust their bodies to make the posture “correct”, they will learn instead, how to modify the postures for their needs using straps, a wall, and other props… and still fully benefit from their practice.


Our teachers are trained to offer nurturing and safe hands-on adjustments

Anahata Yoga teachers are trained to offer safe, nurturing, hands-on adjustments during classes. In a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment, everyone feels comfortable, supported, and nourished. Anahata Yoga is simple and safe for all levels, all ages, and all body conditions. It’s a meditation in motion flow that creates a state of deep calmness, serenity, peace, balance and healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and a delightful sense of well being.

Yoga for healing of body, mind, heart and soul

All healing starts in the heart, our center of vitality, love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, courage, strength, gratitude, faith… we can consciously create our own inner paradise by making our hearts blossom with its natural qualities, letting go of fears, worries, anger, regrets, resentments… and making our hearts our inner castle of peace, love, wisdom, purity and bliss. 


Our purpose

The purpose of Anahata Yoga is to awaken these natural qualities of the heart chakra, this pure divine love, for love is the best medicine!


The Anahata Yoga style opens the heart chakra, allowing more awareness and greater connection with our hearts. We learn to listen more to our hearts, live more in our hearts and express more from our hearts, making our hearts our inner temple. When we make our heart our inner temple, it will be ready to merge into the cosmic heart, our individualized souls ready to merge into the infinite spirit, and we can fulfill the main purpose of yoga: union, Oneness!


Ana Costa, founder of Anahata Yoga

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