Anahata Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hour Certification Program
Celebrating our 18th anniversary graduating teachers all over the world!

Join us on March 1st for an amazing yoga Journey and life transforming experience in beautiful Encinitas, California just steps from the beach!

This is an ongoing training so you can BEGIN NOW!
Start anytime with our online materials and classes. Then choose the best option for the in-person portion of your teacher training program:
ENCINITAS - 1 month intensive meets bi-annually in March & November 
The next in-person training begins March 1, 2020 in beautiful Encinitas!
IDYLLWILD - 1 week intensive meets bi-annually in June and September
2020 dates: June 21-28 & Sept 20-27

Receive $200 off tuition when you pay in full

Experiences of Certified Anahata Teachers


Registered with Yoga Alliance

since March 2002

Experience the depth of Yoga, deepen your practice, learn the benefits and hands-on adjustments for all of the Anahata Yoga postures and share the priceless gift of Yoga with others! 


Learn to teach from your heart, with the intention to serve and love. Sharing the gifts of yoga with all without any discrimination or judgment, creating a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for everyone to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A loving, nurturing, friendly, peaceful, safe, and fun environment to learn 

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Each group of students is special and unique; brought together for their highest good and the highest good of all. The teacher training staff is passionate about ensuring students feel entirely comfortable to be themselves, to share their experiences, and ask questions. Support by peers, mentors, and teachers is not only provided during the in-person training, but also extensively during the at-home study and class assisting portion of the program and even beyond.

Small, intimate classes provide lots of personal attention

Learn to teach all student levels


Anahata has classes for all student levels and teacher trainees will learn how to safely and successfully teach them all including gentle, meditative, and our more advanced flow. Trainees will also be trained to teach prenatal yoga and even kids yoga too! 


Our Teacher Training manual and online materials have all you need to learn different classes to accommodate for all levels. It shows 3 flow sequences with pictures in color with every posture, modifications, precise verbal instructions, precautions and contra-indications.

Learn modifications to help accommodate students' needs


It is essential to understand students' injuries and what proper modifications can be offered. it's important to realize that we should accommodate the postures for the students and not the other way around. Convey to students that there is no perfect posture to reach, that they should always honor their edge and move with compassion and love.

Learn safe hands-on adjustments to help students with proper alignment and to move deeper into each posture. Have the opportunity to practice adjusting students as you assist mentor teachers in group classes. 

Have the opportunity to teach right away at Anahata Yoga Studio! 


Receive lots of support and encouragement from our Teacher Training Team throughout the whole program until you are certified. 

Teachers at Anahata Yoga must receive their certification of completion and also be local residents.


Digital training downloads of yoga class flows and hands-on adjustments for personal study and practice.

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A beautiful 167-page in-depth training manual with color photos of all Anahata postures. Includes instructions and precise verbal cues for 3 class sequences/flows:
 Gentle       Dynamic       ♥ Meditative 



ENCINITAS - Cost is $2,600 if paid in full or $2,800 if paid in installments.
Cost includes 30 group yoga classes!
Students taking the training for the second time - Cost is $1,300 and includes 15 group yoga classes!
IDYLLWILD - Cost is $2,950 if paid two months in advance or $3,150 due at start of training. 
Cost includes amazing accommodations!


Included in Tuition 

♥ beautiful 167-page in-depth training manual
♥ Digital training downloads of yoga class flows and hands-on adjustments for personal study and practice,

 Supportive Anahata Teacher Mentors to assist your journey

30 group yoga classes (Encinitas training only)

30 assisting classes

♥ Accommodations (Idyllwild training only)


This is a four month program 

The Encinitas trainings will meet in person for a minimum of 6 hours per week during the 1-month intensive (days and times to be arranged according to each groups' schedules), combined with attending and assisting group classes throughout the month.

The Idyllwild trainings will meet for 60 hours in 8 days.

The remainder of the 200 hour training is completed as home study (16 weekly modules), attending and assisting yoga classes, reading, journaling, practicing teaching, and submitting monthly progress reports/quizes. 

Course Curriculum

 Yogic philosophy, ethics & lifestyle
 Teaching methodology
 Anatomy & physiology - Special Guest teacher, Chris Law
 Ayurveda & Chakras - Special Guest teacher, Jutta Hecht

 Alignment, adjustments, modifications & benefits of each of the asanas (postures)

 How to teach three different class flows

 Kids and prenatal yoga


We also offer Anahata teacher training certification programs for private groups!

Meet The Instructors (Read more)

Ana Costa
Ana Costa

Founder of Anahata Yoga

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Julia LaPlante
Julia LaPlante

Yoga teacher and mentor

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Erika Chaker
Erika Chaker

Yoga teacher and mentor

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Jutta Hecht
Jutta Hecht

Ayurveda, Prenatal and Kids Yoga instructor

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Chris Law
Chris Law

Anatomy & Physiology instructor

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