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Idyllwild Retreat for Women!

with Ana Costa & Jutta Hecht

Anchor in Trust, Flow & Abundance!

Coming Soon!




Anchor deeply into a strong foundation in yourself and your life.

All life is relationship. Relationships are built on trust. 

Trust is the opposite of fear. When we are truly trusting, resistance dissolves and we are fully present with what arises. This allows our life force (prana) to flow fully. The intelligence of pranic flow goes beyond the nervous system, our senses, and ultimately what we call the mind. We start flowing in alignment with Nature and our purpose (Dharma).

Dharma to me is living in alignment with Nature.

These are the teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga.

A special time, where we come together as women, to celebrate, share, connect, relax, practice yoga, pranayama and meditation!

We will explore  Ayurvedic and Yogic routines which will keep us strong, grounded, and flowing with alignment in our feminine wisdom!  ~ Jutta Hecht, Ayurvedic Spiritual Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer

$435 per person - triple room (no longer available)

$475 per person - double room (no longer available)

$790 - only hotel room available (hotel expenses not included)

$990 - master bedroom (no longer available)

Price includes accommodations, homemade vegetarian meals and all classes and events.

Just 2 hours from Encinitas!

Testimonials From Our Previous Retreats:

I would like to express my appreciation to Jutta, Ana, Marcio and all the beautiful participants for the amazing retreat we just had together.  I am grateful for all of the inspiration, knowledge and friendship I received... the vision of our time together is strong and will last my lifetime. Thank you all. Gayle

Dear Ana, 
Rex & I are feeling endless love and gratitude to you, Jutta and Marcio for our beautiful, blessed retreat. Catherine

Dear Ana, Marcio and Jutta, 
Sophie and I are still floating from the absolutely beautiful weekend. Being in Idyllwild, in the trees and quiet with such wonderful souls was transformative for both of us. It was truly profound seeing Sophie shed her skin and reawaken and shine with a new perspective. You all contributed to that. It was so beautiful to meet you all and thank you Ana, Marcio and Jutta for creating the sacred container for us to connect, re-connect with ourselves and love ourselves together. Much Love and Gratitude, Kim

Dear All, 
I’m grateful for the inspiring weekend spent amongst all of you. Namaste, Heidi

Dearest Jutta, Ana & Marcio,
I cannot express how much the this past weekend spent with you and all the beautiful souls rekindled my awareness of how important these kind of community building/sharing experiences are. The feeling of the naturally sacred environment of Idyllwild and the sacred environment created by you three is one that I have fallen back on many times this week as life continues to challenge the lessons learned and validate how we constantly need to be reminded. Thank you for providing such a nurturing space to reconnect, realign and replenish. Rosie


Yoga and Eco-Tourism Retreat in Brazil!


Join us for a great adventure! 

Coming soon!


More information and registration with Ana: (760) 672-4660 or


  • Accommodations at beautiful Pousada das Araras.

  • All transportation in Brazil including airport pick-up / drop off (not flight ticket).

  • Three delicious meals a day, including typical Brazilian recipes, local tropical fruits, juices and snacks. Experience authentic Brazilian cuisine!

  • Yoga classes and meditation.

  • Guided tours to Rio de Janeiro, including hike in the beautiful Urca forest and Ipanema beach.

  • Private concerts with accomplished Brazilian Musicians.

  • Guided hikes on the lush Brazilian rain forest.

  • Waterfall picnic.

  • Rock climbing (optional).

  • Cultural immersion.

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