Anahata Yoga Classes

Anahata Gentle
(all levels welcome)

A well-balanced class that allows anyone of all levels to gain a deeper understanding of traditional yoga.  

It improves postural alignment, strengthens the body, increases flexibility, and leaves you with a greater sense of calmness, inner awareness, and clarity. 

Anahata Gentle w/ Aromatherapy
(all levels welcome)

Practice the Anahata Gentle Flow postures with the addition of the highest quality essential oils used both aromatically and topically. Erika weaves a special theme or focus into each class that highlights the benefits of the oils with a particular aspect of the asanas class, such as a Chakra or an emotion or quality. Students will feel an elevated sense of balance, clarity, calmness, connectedness, inner-strength and courage, groundedness, and more! 

Anahata Meditative
(all levels welcome)

A restorative, slower, relaxed-pace flow with floor postures only. Included is a 15-minute guided meditation after savasana.

Anahata Vitality w/ Aromatherapy
(all levels welcome)

Awaken your vital energy with rejuvenating and strengthening postures such as sun salutations, inversions, and balancing poses while also enjoying heart openers, twists and surrender poses. Modifications are offered to accommodate yogis of all levels.


Pure, high quality essential oils raise the body's frequency and help bring it back to balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and that is why they are the perfect compliment to any yoga class! Incorporating inhalation and topical application of essential oils can help students become more alert, receptive, connected, grounded, uplifted and present, raise spiritual awareness, invoke courage, increase stamina, reduce muscle and joint pain and tension, purify the body and balance and activate the chakra system. Join Erika and enjoy the subtle yet potent effects of essential oils and take your yoga practice to new heights! 

Anahata Chakra Alignment Class
(all levels welcome)

Feel the amazing benefits of chakra alignment in this Restorative Yoga Class. Students will be guided through slow and gentle floor postures, with the support of props for longer holds, as they open and align the 7 chakras. Aligning the chakras provides the means by which you can achieve overall balance in your life, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Joylates Yoga
(all levels welcome)

A joyful blend of Hatha Yoga and Mat Pilates exercises designed to develop your core, strengthen your back, and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit! We warm up with gentle yoga, energize with Mat Pilates, and cool down again with yoga stretches.

Pranayama, Yoga & Meditation
(all levels welcome)

A variation of the Anahata Gentle Flow with a special emphasis on Pranayama (life-force control) and powerful heart-opening meditation interwoven throughout the class.

Guest Teacher Classes

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Rodell
(donation class; not part of Anahata Yoga packages)

Available to any level of experience, combining ancient tradition with innovation. Gentle classes are great for everyone! And a perfect introduction to yoga. Slow flowing movement  with detailed instruction, modifications, use of props, and some yogic philosophy. Great emphasis is placed on the  breath as a tool to remain present and mindful. Come, breathe, move, stretch. Relax your body and your mind.

Pranayama creates a deep feeling of freedom and expansion. It also helps balancing your hormones, endocrine system and digestive fire. This practice brings you almost effortlessly into stillness...a precious place to listen to your heart and truly feel yourSELF again...

Pranayama Class with Jutta 
(donation class; not part of Anahata Yoga packages)