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Full Moon Yoga & Meditation with Gina & Erika

Honoring The Feminine Heart

Sunday, March 8th, 11:30 pm - 1 pm


In ancient times women would gather in circles under the full moons to reveal their hearts - it was their spiritual practice. Sharing the intuitive wisdom that beats deep in their hearts, unveiling subtle sensitivities, powerful insightfulness, and an ability to love with superhuman fierceness.

Through yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and more, Gina & Erika will guide you through a practice to help you access that sacred space in your heart where pure, unconditional love lies and the ancient wisdom of our ancestral mothers and sisters.

JOIN US FOR THIS SACRED GATHERING! Text Erika @ 858.525.1563 or Gina @ 760.521.8360. 

Cost is $30. Limited space available, pre-registration is recommended.

Testimonials from last month's gathering ...


"What an amazing workshop! Gina and Erika went above and beyond to create a fun, loving and positive experience. I can’t wait to do it again, what a treat!" ~Lindsey


"Amazing experience, an amazing way to release and renew." ~Ireland

"Very supportive and safe community of women bringing varied life experiences and reasons for attending workshop." ~Mady

"This was my first time meeting Erika and Gina and I would definitely go again and recommend them to others. Thank you, I had a relaxing and fun time." ~Agnes

"Erika and Gina’s Divine Feminine workshop was very restorative. It was attended by many like minded women all seeking to have a deep experience of yoga. I have recommended it to my friends and look forward to attending another myself." ~Lisa


Anahata Awakening Method Workshop

Next Date: TBD

With Ana Costa


"Our thoughts create our circumstances and our reality." 


Becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions is the first step to create inner and external changes in our lives. In this workshop you will learn how to be a witness of your thoughts and emotions and how they are interfering with your inner and outer environments. How they are truly creating our circumstances and reality and attracting challenging relationships and situations. Learn to free yourself from old thought patterns and create new possibilities and opportunities.


Self-Awareness = Self Healing

  • Learn to use yoga as a tool for emotional and physical healing.

  • How to awaken the body's innate wisdom through self-awareness.

  • How to use dialog to awaken awareness while going deep in restorative postures.

  • How to scan the body to find where emotions are stagnated, blocked, or repressed.

  • How to release and unblock those emotions.


Sign up until December 30th for only $95

Regular price after December 30: $125


 Live Music Yoga!

Fist Saturdays of the month at 10:30am

With Ana & Marcio

Come and experience your Anahata Yoga Class with beautiful classical music played by Marcio (Ana's husband).

Enjoy each posture accompanied by the inspiring sounds of his acoustic guitar and cello.

Join us in the following Saturday of 2020:

February 1

March 7

May 2

June 6

Reserve your spot! Email Ana @

(Class packages can be used)



Yoga Nidra & Oils workshop_edited.png


"Two amazing healers sharing their gifts made this a beautiful healing experience... a nurturing combination of yoga, aromatherapy, chakra clearing and meditation." 

Andrea K.

Yoga Nidra & Essential Oils Workshop
Next Workshop TBD

Yoga Nidra means conscious Divine sleep.
Join Julia & Erika as they help transport you to a blissful state of conscious awareness that leads to RELAXATION & BLISS!

The workshop will begin with 40 minutes of slow and gentle yoga followed by 30 minutes of blissful guided meditation.  There will be time for journaling before the closing. Pure essential oils, crystals and more will be incorporated to deepen the tranquil experience. 

Bring your journal, a pen, and water, and please dress comfortably. Space is limited to 15 students.

Cost is $25. To register text Julia @ 760.525.7551 or Erika @ 858.525.1563

Partner Yoga with Essential Oils

with Ana Costa & Erika Chaker

Date: TBD

Join Ana & Erika for an afternoon filled with lots of fun and laughter! Learn partner yoga poses to increase strength, flexibility and presence. It is like you are being adjusted in every posture! Young Living Essential Oils will be incorporated to uplift emotions and to enhance the overall experience. Come alone or with a friend, partner or spouse!

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